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A Idea Into A Movement


The Full Story

November 2017 Keaton Flanigan had an idea to begin helping the Local Spokane Community. Gathering some close friends and collecting a handful of donations, and sourcing some families in need. They went to the store and purchased thanksgiving goods for 10 families to support for the holidays. After a very impactful night full of emotions... This Idea grew, how far can we take it? Keaton decided to take on the challenge of doubling the amount of people fed each year. From 10 to 25 to 50 to 100 to 200 to last year reaching and supporting over 500 families for a thanksgiving meal. The vision keeps on growing for the Flanigan Foundation with the goal to feed 1000 families this thanksgiving year and help impact the community. We would love to connect on a challenge or get together for a event!! Let us know

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